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Wow dude

I forgot you were the man but now I remember. IE you did a swell job, as did Shady and Mike.

About halfway through I realized

That the characters legs are attached but you didn't need to bend them to make the animation fluid or the poses dynamic. I guess I thought that was cool or something.

Mottis responds:

It does get sorta difficult sometimes since i cant bend the legs. There are certain moves i cant use at all because of it. But yeah. Thanks :)

Childish and lame

Yeah man why can't you be more mature and sophisticated like the rest of the Internet. I jest of course, I noticed some hate and felt like writing a positive review opened with sarcasm. I can't believe people are hating on your animating I haven't seen any of your work since the older morphemon episodes (which I totally enjoyed back in the day) and you have definitely improved a lot since then. Frame by frame ftw. Also the joke in the pre-loader finally hit me I forgot all about "the problem of the future today"...thank you for reminding me :*)

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If I said "nice job" I'd be lying

So, OMG totally super fucking amazing jawb man! That was a little exaggerated but in all honesty I think you did a great job. I'm not a programmer myself but IMO it played smooth and it certainly had that old school feel. Also like everyone else before me I have no choice but to compliment your old school styled sprites they reminded me of the neo geo classics, I miss the 90's.


I can't even tell if you guys are being sarcastic about this anymore. Did you guys actually think The Room was a good movie?

Also, nice jawb guyz.

Wow guys Great job

It's the same thing over and over but it gets harder that definitely gave it that old school feel. And the movement/game play felt old school. Haven't played much god of War but I watched someone play it a little the other night and I think you did a pretty good job capturing that to. Not sure why but I like the little attack animation for some reason sometimes I take a liking to small things like that.

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Focus of teh project

What do you mean by atmosphere? For some reason atmosphere makes me think of the setting. But in my unprofessional opinion the background isn't nearly as developed as the character.

VeeWragg responds:

Atmosphere can have more than that as a meaning in an image. It could mean the mood of the picture, the overall feel or emotion, not just 'the setting'

That can be a good thing, the focal point is the character, you eye is drawn to it because of the contrast between the detailed character and less detailed background. =D

I'm jelly, ur pro

I love the lankiness of that guy closest to the viewer. Ever since cowboy bebop I've enjoyed lanky characters. Because of that show and others by that directer I just put lankiness together with being a bad-ass. The helicopter being tilted does make it feel like it's moving, but in my unprofessional opinion I think it adds to the dynamics of the picture.

I went to the website but there wasn't much there. Is the project still in the early stages of development?

keepwalking responds:

yes the writer is still building up the website :).

What the hell

Someone leave a comment and tell this guy how cool his picture looks...never mind I'll just do it myself. I'm bad at critiquing, so I guess all I can really say is that I enjoy this picture it's pretty bad-ass.

Afon responds:

Thanks! :D

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